The End Is Nigh

RubyThe end of the blogroll contest, I mean.  First things first, thank you all for your tremendous outpouring of support.  You have truly just floored and humbled me with what you have done.  It’s been so amazing to be a part of this process, and I would have lost hope some time ago if not for everyone supporting us.

Today, blessedly, there is less to do, but if you want to hop on over to Blogroll Contest: Last Call, the lovely Sara will give you the lowdown on what you can do to gain some last-minute points for Canvas.  So go skeedaddle over there, it’s your last chance!  Even just throw a “Like” under one of my posts from any of the past few days.

Meantime, there is a photo challenge thingy for bonus points.  The wording specifically says today and tomorrow (so now that it’s tomorrow, that would be yesterday and today), which I’m going to go ahead and take to mean two posts.  I did one yesterday on my blog (So Apparently We Get Something For A Photo Post. . .) because I had already killed your feeds from here.  Here is my photo for today.

It’s a picture of me pretending to take a picture of Meizac‘s picture of Eric taking a picture of his sock monkey.  Viola!

So get to it, loves!  Don’t let us be another last call casualty.  Besides, today’s contest involves Truth or Dare, and aren’t there so many things you would love to dare Le Clown to do?  I thought so.

Love to you all,

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29 thoughts on “The End Is Nigh

  1. Ruby,
    This is quite clever…. You made it till the last day, you made a GREAT picture, you linked to Meizac and my blog… This will give you a whooping 35 clown noses!
    Le Clown

    • That one slipped under my radar. . . No, actually, I’m pretty sure I just chose not to see it. But a bow from you is worth to me every film DiCaprio ever made, with the probable exception of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

      • I dunno, but it’s creepy as shit now. I still remember him back on Growing Pains when he was the was hot orphan child they took in. Maybe he saw how well it worked for him back then and made a pact with the devil. Not the thing I’d sell my soul for, but it’s his soul to sell.

        • Oh, yeah, Growing Pains! I guess he’s the most successful from that show by a mile. Kirk Cameron got super fundie and acted like a total jerk to his coworkers, cause that’s what Jesus would do. And now he just stars in those Left Behind movies. And the sister had an eating disorder for years, partly because Mr. Christian called her fat. And younger brother – eh no one cares. And don’t mention the baby that aged four years in a single season. I hated that kid.

            • Haha, that is so true. I think they call it “jumping the shark”. I always felt so sorry for Rudy on The Cosby Show. You’re not cute enough anymore, kid.

            • I know, right? That’s not going to give anyone, especially a child actress whose concept of self has a high potential of being screwed up a complex. Even at least one of the Olsen twins (possibly both) felt some of the effects of the funny looking little twins Uncle Jesse had, Nicky and Alex. (And who ever believed that Jesse and Becky could produce such an unattractive pair?)

  2. I’m all over the photo post to come. It’s a day-long tribute as Le Clown accompanies me through my epic hypomanic salsa-making binge!

  3. Thanks for the catch DeeDee. I have a houseguest, and at the moment, he’s had me tied up in creating his own blog, which I will shamelessly promote once it’s completely up. I just have spent way too much time on it already.

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