Team Canvas


by the wonderfully gifted Lulu

The term “Team Canvas” was a burst of inspiration from our wonderful Sailor, happily adopted by the authors of this community.  It captures perfectly the spirit in which we work together, support each other, and each play an important role in making this site something really special.

Each of our authors has a page which includes a brief autobiographical note, a link to their complete Canvas catalog, and direction to their personal projects.  These can be accessed by the two drop-down menus, or you can find everyone through the links below.

We’re so happy to have you know us!



Angel Fractured

Bold & Indie

Cate Reddell

DeeDee Chickadee

Hello Sailor

James Claims

Jared (Lunch Sketch)

Laura P. Schulman, M.D., M.A.





Ruby Tuesday

Sarah Ellen

Summer Solstice Girl

Tallulah “Lulu” Stark


Interested in knowing more about becoming a part of Team Canvas and authoring for this site?  Email Ruby at

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2 thoughts on “Team Canvas

  1. I found you via one of your bloggers today. Although we’ve not got around to joining I wanted to let you know about a blog promotion group for Trauma and Dissociation blogs only – it’s an open group –

    Your link has been posted in there so hopefully a few more bloggers will join. I think this is a great idea.

    • Hi! Please forgive me how long it has taken me to respond. Thank you so much for your kind words and for letting me know about Canvas being shared. I did remove the link from your comment, just because I haven’t been able to poke around and look at the group, and as a rule I always check up on things before they’re anywhere on this site, even in a comment (so please don’t take it personally).

      I have definitely experienced dissociative episodes, though I don’t have actual DID, and I absolutely know trauma firsthand (I do have a formal diagnosis of PTSD), as do many of our other authors. I would welcome your thoughts if you have joined this group, or do in future. The best way to share them is by emailing me at — though of course no pressure is intended!

      Take care, and thank you again.

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