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Last June, 2011 I had an asthma attack which lead to a chemical imbalance in my brain. Four months of undiagnosed insanity, three life attempts and a week at a prevention and recovery centre led to a diagnosis of Bi Polar Type 1. I left my successful teaching profession both in secondary and Academia and embarked on an artistic journey. The life I knew was no longer, it was time to start anew, the path uncharted, the destination, unknown.

Bold & Indie started half way between Central Victoria and Florence. The artist behind Bold & Indie, Maree lives with her beautiful family, rescued horses and happy pups. She draws from her Bi Polar Disorder, Cancer survival journey and life lessons learned as a source of inspiration that comes with living with the unremitting disability. Art meditation with colour, composition and layout is used. Maree is continually inspired to paint the world, in various points of view, tones, colours, and shades from the inside.

My blog: Works of HeART | by Maree Roche
An additional project: Maree Roche: Ceramic Sculpture & Visual Art

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