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My favorite move is “A Beautiful Mind”.  If John Nash can be successful enough to earn a Nobel Prize while suffering from schizophrenia, then I can be successful as a professional scientist suffering from bipolar disorder.

I have fur children: 4 cats and a dog (at the moment).  Never think for a moment that I don’t love them as much as I would a human child.

I love photography.  I view the world in terms of shapes and colors and impressions.  I am an artist; the lens is my paint and the computer is my canvas.

My favorite artist is Van Gogh.  When I look at one of his paintings, I see his struggle with madness: the manic high and the depressed low.  The swirls and layers of paint, the colors he chose… it all blends into a unique experience.  I feel his pain just as I feel my own.  It’s as if we are kindred spirits.

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