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My name is Sarah Ellen. I have blogged since 2008 on and off. I find that I started blogging to share my life with others, beyond the scope of my mental illness. Now I treasure this as part of my recovery process. I truly began to actively “work” on my treatment for bipolar disorder (and other disorders) around this time. I joined online support groups, read everything I could stomach on mental illness, volunteered at a mental health clinic, and joined an advocacy group. My experiences before my major break and after vary in severity and were certainly detrimental. I have found various outlets (both positive and negative) that help me cope with life.

I am newly married to a wonderful man, who is about to deploy on his fifth tour to the Middle East. This will be our longest time apart and will certainly be a challenge. I have an amazing support network of friends, family, acquaintances, and co-workers who try their best to understand and make an effort to educate themselves and help where they can.

Despite my downfalls, I am proud that I graduated college, and mostly been steadily employed. Destructive to myself and others in the past, I have maintained a three year relationship with my husband (a record for me in terms of longevity), and also have maintained steady friendships with a few close friends who truly care. I have the best companion in the world other than my husband. His name is Bailey and he is my 10 yr old golden retriever that I absolutely adore. He is very helpful at times helping me fall asleep or with my frequent anxious tendencies.
Things that I enjoy, it would be hard to list everything. But I will make a valiant effort: Reading Russian literature or Victorian literature, watching classic films, yoga, meditation, running (when I am motivated), singing, cooking, poetry, getting dressed up?, live music, other random music I LOVE showtunes. I love blues, rock, soul, gospel, jazz, folk music, anything really. I just love music.

Any other questions, feel free to ask!

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