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Mental illness is something I have lived with for as long as I can remember, since I was a little girl. It’s something I have written about, since I was hospitalised in a psychiatric unit at the age of 14. Writing helps and I have grown to discover that my writing can help people, as well as reading what others have written being a source of comfort.

I have many mental health diagnoses attached to me. Do I really need to list them here? Does it really matter? I’m still human; my brain just doesn’t process emotions and events as well as some people and sometimes my thought processes aren’t logical.

You can be sure I always write straight from the heart. I always try to maintain honesty and integrity, especially with mental health issues, because I believe they are not talked about enough. There is also, still, too much social stigma in the real world.

I hope that by sharing my experiences I can help people not feel alone and not beyond help. Despite growing up with mental illness, I think I’ve done relatively well in life. I have a good job, friends, and (most days) I still have hope. Sure, it’s a struggle, but I try not to forget that everyone is fighting their own battles.

I go by many different names. Here I am known as Hello Sailor, but you can call me Sailor. I should probably introduce you to Charlotte and Jack too, my “others”, but you can read more about them on my personal blog at HelloSailor.

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