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I once made a therapist cry by telling her my life story, but I never think of my life as anything exceptional until someone says otherwise.

I’m a 30-odd woman from the Midwest, transplanted to the Northeast. I have a wonderful husband, some great friends, and a lot going for me. I also have Bipolar Disorder II and ADD, which makes things more interesting. It’s not easy, but why do anything the easy way? I never have, and there’s no reason to start now.

I’m passionate about everything I do, whether it’s research, writing, teaching, knitting, photography, birding, or hiking. I love taking on monumental challenges. Although my disorders make my grand ambitions even more challenging, I refuse to give up on my dreams before I’ve given everything I’ve got. And I’ve got a lot to give.

My blog:  Disorderly Chickadee

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