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I’m a midwestern student studying philosophy and mathematics diagnosed with bipolar I. Which means I have mania and depression. I was diagnosed last January, where after a suicidal depression, I received health care from my university and began my road to recovery. It’s been long, and I’m not done. My main interest then is in chronicling my journey from non-functionality to a degree of high functionality. There have been set backs along the way, but I’m getting there.

As said, I’m also a student in philosophy. My primary interest is philosophy of science. That’s the study of the scientific method and valid inference. For example, what makes for a valid test of a scientific theory? What makes a scientific theory scientific? Those sorts of questions. But since this is a mental health blog, that probably won’t arise. Instead, I might post a little bit about self-knowledge and different theories involved in knowing our own minds.

Finally, as for my mental status. I have bipolar (as mentioned above), but I also have the alphabet soup of generalized anxiety, panic disorder, likely psychosis, and paranoia. Maybe ADD in there as well. My adventure into the land of mental health is still relatively new, so I’m still finding out all the things wrong with my head. It’s been interesting to say the least.

For Canvas, I hope to provide researched articles. I’m very interested in the latest news on mental illness, and with academic access to medical journals, I hope to bring some of that access and distillation to our readers.

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