The Cost of Mental Health

MondayMaintaining your mental health is expensive. Medicine is expensive. Many of the antidepressants are generic now, but still cost about $1/pill without insurance. Lithium is much cheaper at 30 cents a pill. Prices on anxiety meds vary depending on if they are generic or not. But the antipsychotics… woah! I take Geodon, which recently went generic, and without insurance the cost is $379/month! Fortunately I only have to pay $76 because I have insurance. Even Lamictal runs $170/month generic. These are only some prescription prices. What do you pay in supplements that aren’t covered by insurance? Continue reading


The End Is Nigh

RubyThe end of the blogroll contest, I mean.  First things first, thank you all for your tremendous outpouring of support.  You have truly just floored and humbled me with what you have done.  It’s been so amazing to be a part of this process, and I would have lost hope some time ago if not for everyone supporting us.

Today, blessedly, there is less to do, but if you want to hop on over to Blogroll Contest: Last Call, the lovely Sara will give you the lowdown on what you can do to gain some last-minute points for Canvas.  So go skeedaddle over there, it’s your last chance! Continue reading