You Know You’re Manic When

Lulu newAll of a sudden, a cape unfurls from your back and you jump on and off the sofa chanting, “Wonder Twins unite! Wonder Twins unite!”

You go to your mailbox and your nomination for “Greatest Person Alive” has finally come. It would be “Greatest Person Who Ever Lived in the History of History” except they didn’t get your audition for Idol. Continue reading


In Which Ruby’s Nerves Are Shot And Her Head Finally Explodes

RubyThey shouldn’t make people with mental illnesses do Blogroll Contests. . .  Oh wait, no one did, I started into this myself!

And here comes my next plea to you.  Maybe it’s because it’s Saturday, maybe it’s because I’ve been sleep-deprived all week, maybe it’s because I have a ton on my plate and even more on my mind. . .  Strike those, those are pity pleas. Continue reading

August 2012: Relationships And Mental Illness

RubyThis month’s topic was suggested by the very lovely Laura.  She thought discussing how people make good relationships work in spite of their mental illness would be a good topic.  In her words, “I know we have some very fortunate souls on our blogroll and on Canvas who do have relationships that work.  I would love to hear from them about what makes them work, and how they found their mates, etc.”

You know I usually like to get the ball rolling by discussing my own experience in this arena, no matter how atypical I feel it is. Continue reading