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Okay … so who am I? I am okay as a husband (but my wife at times would rate me better or worse). I am the best dad in the world
(according to my youngest and completely unbiased daughter). I am a pretty popular manager at work (mostly because I’m a soft touch). I don’t have many close friends, but people I know seem to like me

I guess the person who likes me the least is the one who knows me best and maybe this is why he prevents allowing people to get too close to him. I have an INFJ personality, with an emphasis on the I, which also doesn’t help. 10 years ago, following a series of health issues, I was diagnosed with GAD, SAD and depression. I suffer in silence mostly and rarely talk to anyone about how hard it can be at times to just be okay. In recent years I have found sketching (something I enjoyed in my youth) a good way of reducing stress and controlling my anxiety and depression. I wanted somewhere to store my sketches, so I began blogging and that is how I found “A Canvas Of The Minds”.

Canvas and many of its authors have given me plenty to think, smile and cry about in the past year. Some seem to be carrying far more than I could bear, others often talk of things I cannot relate to or understand, and then there are some strangers who write as though they know the me that I keep hidden. So I asked Ruby if I could contribute
by talking more openly about this part of me. If your reading this, then I guess she has been kind enough to agree.

My blog:  Lunch Sketch

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