Resources, Support, & Information

From Ruby:  This page has been too long in draft form, because I have found so many excellent resources I want to organize and share.  But getting them sorted is a task that takes time, so I have chosen to publish a sort of “in progress” version of this section for the present.

For now you will find resources alphabetized, with my working notes as to what their primary focus is, as well as the country of their origin in some cases.  Note that some of these, while based in a specific region, are not designed to serve only that area — that is they are still worldwide and worth looking at no matter where you are located.

I shall do my best to tidy up as soon as I am able!  Till then, I hope this is helpful to all of you reading.

American Association of Suicidology (suicide prevention, U.S.)

American Psychiatric Foundation (education, information, U.S.)

The Balanced Mind Foundation (parents and families of children with mood disorders, U.S.)

beyondblue (primarily depression and anxiety, Australia)

Black Dog Institute (mood disorders, Australia)

Bring Change 2 Mind (ending stigma, education, U.S.)

Canadian Mental Health Association (resources, education, advocacy, Canada)

Columbia Psychiatry – Center for OCD and Related Disorders (OCD: research, education, U.S.)

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (mood disorders, support, information, U.S.)

Heal My PTSD (PTSD, support, advocacy, information, U.S.)

Inspire Ireland Foundation & (spectrum of issues, youth-focused, Ireland, Australia, U.S.)

International Association for Suicide Prevention (suicide: education, prevention, support)

International Bipolar Foundation (bipolar disorder, education and support)

Like Minds, Like Mine (education, awareness, fighting stigma, New Zealand)

Medscape – Psychiatry & Mental Health (research, information, news)

Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand (inclusive/varied, New Zealand)

Mind, The Mental Health Charity (support, education, information, U.K.)

National Alliance on Mental Illness – NAMI (support, education, advocacy, U.S.)

National Eating Disorders Association (eating disorders, U.S.)

National Institute of Mental Health · NIMH (research, information, news, U.S)

Postpartum Progress (all mental illness related to pregnancy and childbirth, support and education)

Postpartum Support International (perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, postpartum depression, 36+ countries)

Psych Central (research and information)

Schizophrenia Society of Canada (schizophrenia, education, support, research, Canada)

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (substance abuse, behavioral health, U.S.)

Time To Change (stigma, education, England)

TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS (depression, addiction, self-injury, suicide)