Craving a Different Energy

vivien This past Tuesday, a lovely woman named Sarah reached out to me over e-mail.  Sarah, like me, is a US ex-pat trying to find her way in Europe.  And, she has bipolar disorder.  One of the topics we spoke about was whether there was any longing on my part to actually feel again, without the emotional flatline bipolar meds cause.  I answered in the affirmative, answered a few more questions she asked and hit send.

Several hours after I left the computer for the day, I found I was still thinking about Sarah’s question. Continue reading


Irritability – My Special Compass Point

vivien This is my first post for Canvass of the Mind.  Big ‘hello’ to the community and a big ‘thanks’ for inviting me to blog!

When Ruby Tuesday told me one of the themes of this blog is to explore how each one of us handles Bipolar differently, I jumped right onboard. I’m looking forward to sharing experiences with everyone.  Cheers! Continue reading