Don’t mind me if I do


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After a very emotional week, I am happy to report that today (last night, really) was the first nightmare-free night in what felt like the first time in forever.

I feel like breaking up in song like Anna of Arendelle.

I woke up and it was so weird that at first I couldn’t identify the feeling. It wasn’t until I got off the bed shortly after waking up when it hit me.

There it was… I wasn’t soaked. The room wasn’t spinning… And I could move! I was standing up.

That’s when I realized I hadn’t had any nightmares the night before.

What a feeling.

I have no idea if it will continue and I don’t even care. If they come back tonight, I will still have enjoyed a full day of contentedness. What a feeling!

Yep, my brain insists on breaking up in song and dance. Have I told you I am fully fluent in Movie Quotes?

I still don’t understand where is the soundtrack for the Broadway show my life is.

Anyway, it was a good day and good days are to be cherished and fully enjoyed*. Whatever dreams may come tonight, nothing will change the day that was today.

And… I spent the afternoon crafting, which makes me very happy. Fringe benefits galore!

Ruby drink

Also, three years ago today I had that ruby red drink. Cheers, Ruby! L’Chaim

PS: Bonus points if you get the movie references.

* Or as some would say, you carpe the eff off that diem.

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7 thoughts on “Don’t mind me if I do

    • Thank you! It’s been good for the most part. Almost all nights have been nightmareless since I wrote the post. Can you believe it? I certainly cannot… but I’ll take it! 🙂

      And isn’t frozen great? ❤

      • That’s really brilliant for you.

        What I love about frozen is that the girls save themselves, there’s no relying on the handsome male to do it for them. And it has amazing songs and some really great and funny lines.

  1. I’m new here and I know it’s a late reply but I just want to wish you many more good nights sleep

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