World Suicide Prevention Day 2016

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Trigger Warning:  As indicated by the title, this post discusses suicide.  Not graphically, and not in detail, but if you find the topic triggering you may choose not to read this post.



Suicide (and suicide prevention) is not something I choose lightly to think about, or even write about. It is “My Scary Place”. But I’m going here because this is

Too important not to write about.

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The flaw in the brilliant diamond

photo (6)Once upon a time I had a teetering, yet outwardly normal, life.  My then-fiance decided to buy me a diamond, even though I insisted I did not want one because of the terrible karma diamonds carry, generally being the products of slavery.  He insisted.  And he demanded that I pick the stone myself.

So I launched into a whole epoch of diamond-related research.  I learned about color, clarity, cut, and inclusions, commonly known as “flaws.” Continue reading