Medication Sensitivity: It’s In Your Genes

DeeDee newIn October I had genetic testing to evaluate medication sensitivities. This sort of testing only looks at a few specific parts of your DNA, the bits known to affect the way you metabolize a lot of medications, including most psychoactive drugs. It’s usually covered by insurance when prescribed – even for MediCare, as a matter of fact. There are a number of different testing providers and test structures; I had a full panel test against several classes of drugs.

I had hoped to get this testing since I heard about it. I’m fed up with constantly experimenting with drugs at the cost of my stability and productivity. Continue reading

The Land of Anti-Psychotics

MondayI’ve been reasonably stable (or at least no one has complained loudly) over the past several years by taking Lamictal alone for bipolar.  However, my moods have gradually gotten out of control over the past year. I realized (and admitted) that I needed a meds adjustment, so I found a psychiatrist who believes in the teamwork approach to meds management.  Thus, she sent me on a quest for new medications; I’ve always been opposed to lithium, but she asked me to consider it and also to look into the anti-psychotics.  In fact, she loaned me a book that describes the mechanisms behind how (it is believed that) they work. Continue reading