Rehabilitation after hospitalisation

the qiuet borderlineNearly two years ago, I had a mental breakdown. I struggled for 8 months going to therapy and trying several different medications before things became too serious and unbearable and so I went in to hospital. During these 8 months prior to hospitalisation, things snowballed out of control. I was self-harming and committing self-destructive acts and generally toiling with my own life. It was probably only a matter of time until something serious would have happened to me so I am thankful to my psychologist and to myself, that we could see that I couldn’t continue on and we needed something to change big time. Continue reading

Got IBS? Check your meds.

photo (6)Statistics show that people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome are more likely to have a psychiatric diagnosis than the general population.   And of course that means pills.

The symptoms of IBS include abdominal pain and discomfort, bloating, and diarrhea (there is a form that includes constipation, but that’s not so relevant here).  The diarrhea can be so severe that a person could become housebound, or even incontinent. Continue reading