Two Hundred Fifty-Nine

RubyThat’s how many days are left in the year 2014.  We’ve gone through 106 so far, which is a whole lot, but it isn’t the whole lot.  It isn’t even one-third of the year!

Why this sudden obsession with the days?  I’m so glad that you asked!

In my continuing capacity as your Official Blog For Mental Health conduit and project coordinator, I seem to be getting a lot of questions, comments, and concerns, and most all of them having the same basic theme:

Am I too late to participate in Blog For Mental Health 2014?  What’s the deadline for submitting posts?

(If you’ve already pledged or aren’t so interested in BFMH, please do keep reading just the same.  I need your help, all of you wonderful Canvas readers, and more details will be forthcoming momentarily.) Continue reading

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Happy Ending

RubyToday was wonderful for me.  Just really amazing.  Nothing particularly special happened to make it that way.  It actually started out fairly distressing.  But I put that aside, got up, and made myself all pretty because I was going to the hairdresser.  I love to do that, put on some lovely clothes and jewelry and makeup when I’m going to get my hair done, because my stylist always makes my hair so fancy that I want to feel beautiful all over.

And despite the unpleasant start, I had an amazing, wonderful, fantastic, lovely, thoroughly enjoyable day.  I noted on facebook that it was one of those days where I loved the world and the world loved me. Continue reading