In Which Ruby’s Nerves Are Shot And Her Head Finally Explodes

RubyThey shouldn’t make people with mental illnesses do Blogroll Contests. . .  Oh wait, no one did, I started into this myself!

And here comes my next plea to you.  Maybe it’s because it’s Saturday, maybe it’s because I’ve been sleep-deprived all week, maybe it’s because I have a ton on my plate and even more on my mind. . .  Strike those, those are pity pleas. Continue reading


Support Is The Name Of The Game

RubySo.  If you have been around Canvas-land these past few days, you undoubtedly know that we have become involved – nay, embroiled – in something very much out of the ordinary for our blog.  Our big old Canvas Family hat (which has to be pretty unique to fit all of our different heads together) has been thrown into the ring to fight for a spot on the Blogroll of Eric, the alter ego of Le Clown over at A Clown On Fire.  Wait, wait. . .  Please don’t stop reading and walk away.

I know this may seem like a bit of fun and frivolity, not the kind of thing that should be taking up your time when you visit this site. Continue reading

Not Your Usual Serving Of Canvas

RubyLadies and gentlemen, there is a Blogroll Contest going on over at A Clown On Fire.  Why am I mentioning it?  Because I have just put in a bid for Canvas to be a part of the blogroll, and you can help make that happen.

The results are dependent, you see, on reader comments, most specifically, writing “Like” under the comment I made.  You’ll find it because a) It’s probably one of the longest; and b) A thumbnail sized version of this is beside it: Continue reading