When I Realised What I Do is Good

SailorThere are some things you may already vaguely know about me.  My real name is Carrie and I have an alternate personality whom I call Charlotte (not to mention the poor guy, Jack, in the back ground who hardly gets a say in anything).  I live in the UK near London, by the sea.  I am almost 30 years old.  I suffer from depression, I have recently been diagnosed with Emotional Dysregulation Disorder (the new name for BPD) and have lived with a host of psychiatric conditions since I was a child. 

I am also a Veterinary Nurse. Continue reading


The Blogging Community

AngelThe more I regularly blog, the more grateful I am for the mental health blogging community.

Some of the issues I deal with have become more bearable now that I blog about them. On my blog, I’ve mentioned before that I used to visit a depression forum. I think the forum visits helped me endure through the big break. After a while, though, the forum jumped the shark for me, or I jumped the shark for the forum. I popped into the forum occasionally for a bit. I thought that I should help people out as much as I’d been helped there. Continue reading

Merci, Gracias, Danke, And Thanks

RubyIt’s awards season here at Canvas again.  And just because I have been slightly delinquent in posting our thank yous, doesn’t mean that I have forgotten for one moment, or that we are any less grateful.

So, in chronological order:

Silverfox was so kind as to nominate us for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  I would like to give my thanks properly, but I am sad to report that when I clicked on the link to the post, I found that the site has been deleted.  😦  But, Silverfox, if you are reading this, know how very grateful we are for you honoring us.  Merci beaucoup! Continue reading

Welcome To Our World!

RubyHello all!  My name is Ruby Tuesday (some of you might recognize me from  my  personal blog, I Was Just Thinking. . .).  But full and complete credit for the spark that started this project belongs to my lovely blogger friend, Lulu, or , the author of the wonderful blog,  As the Pendulum Swings.  She proposed we get a whole community together, and find a place where we could all blog (me, I just got the technical part rolling).  She’s a smart one!  🙂 Continue reading