We Put the “Fun’ in Dysfunction!

Lulu newIt would be too easy to start my blog series off on a negative note. There are many disadvantages to a variety of mental health categories. I could go on and on comiserating with everyone about depression and anxiety, but I wanted to choose a different route.

One of the advantages of having brain wired differently is all of the life experience and wisdom that comes with it. Most of us can agree that we feel like we’ve lived a thousand lives in what could really be considered a blip of existence. Continue reading


Lulu – The Start of Something New

Lulu newHello to my fellow authors and readers. I am identified on WordPress as Lunasunshine, but I recognize myself better as Lulu. Lunasunshine is thought of the sun and the moon, representing a duality that exists when one has bipolar disorder. Lulu is a Final Fantasy X character. She is a powerful mage with an attitude problem. All are parts of me.

As for the rest of it, you can find the long form in About Lulu, and About My Bipolar II. But in the short form, I’m Lulu, a woman trapped alone with bipolar disorder II. Continue reading