RubyI have to go see my psychiatrist today.

Which means I have to do some work, prepare myself like I haven’t in a long time, not since I ended things with my last doctor almost two years ago.

Back then it was pulling myself together, checking the anger and rage I felt towards him for the ECT thing, ending the relationship cordially, making my exit like a lady. Continue reading

Be Your Own Advocate

RubyAlwaysA Note From Ruby:  This post was written by Always and originally published 22 September 2011.  She has given me leave to post it again, now that our family (authors and readers both) has grown in size.  I think it’s a wonderful piece that absolutely everyone can learn from.

The title of this post doesn’t refer to joining groups whose purpose is to reduce the stigma of a mental health diagnosis, although that’s certainly a wonderful thing to do. Continue reading