Hello 2015


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Yeah, yeah, I know it’s March already. But I was basically incomunicada. For more reasons than one.

But! I finally have internet at home!

So, I’m back…


WordPress looks completely different. It took me a few moments to find my way back to Canvas from my personal blog.

For those of you not familiar with my saga, I am just emerging like a cicada, after three months of the most unreal and not believable crap you can ever think of. In Windsor, Ontario.

The very fact that I am here is great testimony to… I don’t know what… Fate? Destiny? Luck? Sheer stubbornness?

Perhaps all of the above.

If I told you the whole story, you’d think I am making it up. Or taking it right out of the newest, baddest soap opera in town. Suffice to say that anything that could go wrong went indeed very wrong. And then some.

How I managed to stay sane? Again, luck. Stubbornness. Fate. Kind strangers. Kind old friends via Facebook.

But there were days and nights when I thought I’d just go jump on the Detroit river and get it over with. Alone and very miserable in a city where I only knew three people. Far from the only family I have in Canada. Far from the familiar and the loved. Grieving the loss of the known, and of one of my cats, who went missing the very first day I arrived here in Windsor.

However, as you all here know, life goes on and life always finds a way. In my case, it was mostly who would take care of my cat in this strange city where no one knew us. That kept me alive. For what is worth.

So here we are. Me and my cat. And a new cat. Still in a strange city, but becoming less and less strange every day.

We’re learning. We’re making new friends. We have internet!

Now we can start with the catching up.

Hope the new year is treating you a lot more kinder than it has treated me.

Darkness notwithstanding my cat is snoring as I type and that is enough for now.

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6 thoughts on “Hello 2015

  1. Sorry things have been so difficult. I would be out of my mind if one of my cats had gone missing. Hope things improve real soon

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