Blog For Mental Health 2015 Launch!

RubyDue to my health, I will no longer be able to curate this site. If Blog For Mental Health has served its true purpose, you don’t need me here anymore anyway. The 2015 Blogroll is up-to-date as of this writing, and you can use the wonderful community of bloggers listed there to make connections, and to find kindred spirits dealing with similar challenges. That’s always been the most important role of Blog For Mental Health, to connect individuals in a positive way to support one another.

That’s right, it’s finally on! Blog For Mental Health 2015 is here!

Well, actually, it’s over at The Official Blog For Mental Health Project site.  Truth is, while Canvas was the launching pad for the project the last two years, and while I want to continue to keep you updated here, BFMH has grown so much that is neither wise nor well to try to handle it primarily through this site.  Having different aims and methods, I feel like both Canvas and Blog For Mental Health are limited to less than what they could be when run from the same base.

I will try to keep you updated through both sites regarding anything important for the time being, but I really want to be able to keep Canvas as Canvas and BFMH as BFMH. . .  Make sense?

So click on right over to celebrate the 2015 launch of Blog For Mental Health, and learn how you can be a part!

art by Piper Macenzie

Blog For Mental Health 2015 badge by Piper Macenzie

Love to all,

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