How is your Inner Child?

How is your Inner Child?

“She held herself until the sobs of the child inside subsided entirely. I love you, she told herself. It will all be okay.” – H. Raven Rose (Shadow Selves)
Be Kind Part 2 – Christmas Gifts | Lunch Sketch

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28 thoughts on “How is your Inner Child?

    • Thank you for the encouragement. In many ways they reflect pieces of me and quite often are expressions of my inner child. Glad to hear they have had that effect on you.

  1. What beautiful work LSketch.
    Such emotions portrayed on paper with your pencil are so very touching.

  2. I think it’s very important to acknowledge and nurture our inner child, especially when we didn’t get the nurturing we needed growing up. It’s never too late to love ourselves. 🙂 Very evocative sketch

    • Absolutely! I think it is important to look at the nurturing we missed and how that unmet need cries out in us as adults.
      So many different views on the inner child … from those who see it as releasing our ability to once again view the world with childlike wonder … to those who see it as those parts of us which didn’t grow or grew into something negative because they were not nurtured.

      Such an individual process with no two kids being the same 🙂

      • You know it’s funny that I never thought of the inner child any other way than that which was not nurtured and I never thought anyone else thought of it any other way either. lol How unintentionally narrow minded of me. giggles

        • Thanks Poppy.
          As for me … in the midst of some typical end of year chaos with my outer kids (school exams and assessments) and work – where there seems to be a lot of adults behaving like kids 😉
          Sketchpad (my reprieve) is getting neglected, so let’s call it, “as well as can be” for this time of year 🙂

          • It just gets so frantic this time of year I know for many people LSketch.
            Hope you find a little ‘space’ for you soon . x

    • 😦 SSG

      It is not a solution I know … but I believe at least an awareness of the child, its lost state and its pain is a good start to addressing the nurturing required.
      For very real and different reasons I know – but mine is not too different to yours at times.

      My friend. Be sure to pull her close and give her a hug next time she feels near …

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