An Administrative Decision, A Human Decision

RubyI don’t often dislike being the Canvas admin.  This blog is made up of a group of wonderful, supportive authors who run things themselves pretty much entirely, and I rarely have to actually do anything truly as an admin.

When I do it usually is something I think over at length, and I never like having to interfere.

Today, I positively hate having to interfere.

Some time ago, our Summer Solstice Girl wrote and scheduled a post for this very morning.  It’s a very emotive and engaging post, as SSG’s always are, and I really hope she still chooses to put it up it at a later date.  But the last line, which she only just added, caused me to make the decision to put her post on hold:

“Update: I am actually sending this from the hospital.Don’t know how long will I be here.”

I make it my usual policy not to read posts from Canvas authors until they have been published unless I am specifically asked by the author to do so.  But a number of things caused me to read through this one (the body of which has nothing directly to do with her hospitalization), and further to make the decision to postpone it.  I really, really hope that SSG will forgive me for that.  All that I will say here is it was done out of love.

Please confine all comments on this post to any well-wishes you may have for Summer Solstice Girl.  I know you may be worried, but I can’t and won’t answer questions for her.  And whether my choice was the right one or not is on me, so while I appreciate your thoughts, in this particular instance I have to keep this choice mine and mine alone.

With love,
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28 thoughts on “An Administrative Decision, A Human Decision

  1. Sending my best wishes. My thoughts are with SSG. Sending strength and love x

  2. I can understand why that last line would cause you to think twice. I hope the author understands. Look forward to seeing her post when she is well again

  3. Just catching up with everything. THANK YOU SO MUCH everybody for your support and love. It absolutely does make a difference. As for putting my post on hold, after reading it again today, I think it was the right decision (not that I minded before). You could see from my typos, grammar errors and broken thoughts that my brain was already starting to get overwhelmed when I originally wrote it. Tomorrow, then 🙂


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