Rare Time, Rare People, Rare Earth

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Yep, that time of year has come ’round! *the rare time  So. . .

blog cupcake two

. . . light another candle, ’cause we’ve made it another year!

Canvas birthday banner

Last year we celebrated by giving a bit of history of the beginnings of Canvas and reintroducing our wonderful authors (you should read that).  Well, this year, it makes a great deal more sense to celebrate you! (cue confetti and noisemakers), because we never would have made it here without our wonderful readers!!! *the rare people

So, please, have a slice of cake — it’s really much bigger than it looks, and comes in lactose-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and even fat-free varieties (and any allergen or sensitivity I may have failed to mention, I am an an extremely talented and inventive baker!) — grab some champagne, sparkling cider, or your celebratory beverage of choice; put on your party duds, anything from fancy dress to pajamas will do nicely, so long as you’re comfortable; sit down, squat down, or lie down (yay if you get the reference, but no extra points, because we love you all and points don’t play nice with anxiety, even entirely imaginary points). . .  just get yourselves all comfy and enjoy our gratitude for what you have made Canvas. Ooh, and pick a hat!Canvas hat 8

Oh, wait, yes. . . one other thing, my loves.  Please do sign the guest book!  Let us know in the comments that you were here, and how you happened to find us, whether this is your very first read (courage, we’re a welcoming bunch) or if you’ve been following from the beginning (if memory stretches back that far!).  For example, you might have come across us through one of our authors.  You might have discovered us through Blog For Mental Health, or DeeDee’s wonderful post being Freshly Pressed.  Or you may have found us through so many other amazing people and them most kindly sharing us on their blogrolls, like Eric (often known more commonly as Le Clown), and the project Black Box Warnings.

Even if it was just another reader — what am I saying, most especially if it was “just” another reader — we are so beholden to all of you for keeping us going, for showing your support and love, for giving us a reason to keep writing and improving the site.  Honestly, I’m sitting here a little astonished myself that it’s only been two years, while at the same time marveling at how far we have come.  And all of that is because of you.

So I say it, though it seems hardly enough:  Thank you.

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Canvas hat 3Canvas hat 6

*Rare Earth sneaked their way in because they helped me get through formatting this post (which was. . . an exercise in patience) and suggested the title I was looking for to do justice to the occasion and, more importantly, to all of you

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38 thoughts on “Rare Time, Rare People, Rare Earth

  1. Canvas,
    Happy birthday! And many more candles. Keep on doing what you do, as you’re helping many by doing so.
    Le Clown

  2. Congratulations and Happy Birthday! I was trying to remember how I first connected to your blog, but I just don’t remember. Anyway, so glad I found you!

    • It’s funny — and a little reassuring to me that it’s not just me — how tangled up the strands have all become, so that sorting out how you found who when where can almost be impossible! But lovely as well. I’m just very grateful that you did find us too, Janet, because you have always been a most constant support.

      Thank you on behalf of Canvas for the celebratory wishes, and I hope you’re keeping well!

  3. I choose the first and most fancy hat to wear today while I’m cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, sorting, organizing, etc. I believe I came across this blog through Ruby’s blog which I probably found by searching for blogs about bipolar. I was asked at one time to be an author but had just started graduate school so had to forgo that opportunity. This blog is about two weeks older than my own 🙂 We’ve aged well together!!
    CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COME ON! (ok, that dates me a bit)

    • Shelly, I’ll tell you that I used to sometimes wear my tiara while cleaning etc. (it broke and needs replacing). Made the whole process somewhat more bearable! Much as your voice would have been valued here, after seeing how incredibly busy your life did get, I think your decision was most prudent.

      Happy Early Birthday to your blog, thank you for taking the time to keep up with us and stop by the party here, and I say music that makes you feel good and party never “dates” you. I’ll break out the music of my grandparents’ generation, so there you are! 😉

    • Thank you, Ashley! I’ve read so much good about you through Emily, and you certainly don’t need me to tell you that if you’re good in Emily’s books, I know you are very good people. 🙂

      I’ve been meaning for a long time to pay a proper call to you in your own bloggy home. I’m not at my best and brightest right now, but when I’m a bit more up for it, I look forward to paying my formal compliments to you. The fact that you took the time to say hello here actually made me happy in a way I can’t quite express, so I thank you for doing so!

    • Yay for everyone! As for Ruby, she does her best, which is sometimes better than others. But she thanks you just the same, and know that I wouldn’t be able to do half of what I do if I didn’t know I had wonderful people like you to keep me going. ♥

      (And yes, I changed from the third to the first person in the middle of a sentence. Forgive me.)

  4. Happy Birthday! I found you a few months back via a link on someones blog (I don’t remember whose.) You’re blog is a great find.

    • Thank you, Bradley, both for the good wishes and the kind words! And like I said to Janet (above), I rather like the fact that all of our blogs link and share and are so intertwined that it is often hard to remember how you first came upon a particular site. The important things are that we’re one great big community, and that you’re here now by whatever means!

  5. Happy birthday to us, and thanks to Ruby for being the wonderful Motivator, Encourager, Warm Fuzzy Giver, and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer! (And I’m working on my post 😀 )

    • Laura, you’re too sweet to me! As long as you don’t start calling me Dutchie — sorry, but you made me think of Only Angels Have Wings with the last two. 😉

      Happy Birthday us, and as I told DeeDee, I wouldn’t be any of those things if not for everyone here who is part of Canvas helping me along! And take your time, these things can’t be forced. ♥

  6. Happy Birthday to Canvas! I ended up heading over this way because of Alice (aliceatwonderland) and she – and you – are just too inspiring for me to not want to stick around.

    • Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Like I said to Combat Babe above, Alice has brought to us so many wonderful things — the people like you who have found us because of her are the greatest gift of all.

      As far as your sweet reason for “want[ing] to stick around”, I couldn’t agree more with you about Alice. I never can quite see myself as inspiring, but as you so kindly tell me you think I am, well, all I can do is to thank you very humbly and sincerely. The support you show me I value beyond words.

      • Ruby, you and all the other Canvas authors are here, writing out your experiences and still living your daily lives even with incapacitating depression and/or anxiety issues. It’s as inspiring as the people with a terminal diagnosis saying “what the hell, I’m still going to climb Everest or sail across the Atlantic single-handed”. You just keep on keeping on, and while you may not feel inspiring, I can promise you that you are.
        Faith x

        • Faith. . . Wow. I don’t quite know what to say to that except thank you (again). And also (again) that having you here, sharing words like that for me is so incredibly. . . Just wow. I think all of my co-authors would agree that if not for the encouragement and kindnesses you show (and those shown by others), writing and sharing and just plain living through it all would be a lot different, a lot more challenging experience. You inspire me to keep fighting, so I guess it’s a pretty beautiful kind of symbiosis. xo

  7. My goodness. I can’t believe I missed the anniversary. It is so easy to stay in my little self-imposed bubble…. In my [very weak] defense, this time around I was busy being happy.


    It is truly an honour to be part of such a wonderful family. Thank you so much for bringing me in, accepting me, rooting for me, being sad with me and laughing with me along the way.

    • SSG, you need not offer anything in the lines of a “defense” for having let this date pass you by. You have something much better, you have a reason, a very strong, happy reason, and I would rather that happy bubble kept you than anything I can think of. You deserve all the happy that can ever come your way!

      You honor us with your presence, your words, your thoughts, and I am so glad to have you as part of our family. You are such a support to everyone, truly you set the bar when it comes to sharing in the joys and sorrows of each of us and in offering your whole heart. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me and to everyone involved! ♥

  8. I wish I could honestly say I was with you since the beginning, but it was only sometime in your second year I stopped by. I’m not really going out on a limb here when I say I did so via one of your esteemed, talented, wonderful authors. And I’m so glad I did. This site has been more help to me than you know – so thank you! All the best to you and the rest for a great third year and continued positive vibes to folks like me!

    • Sid, you’re here now, that’s all that really matters, right? Said author has brought so much with her presence here, and I’m very glad she brought you to boot. And very glad you have found value in the site as a whole, because the value you’ve returned to us with your support and presence here is immeasurable! For what help we give, I am grateful, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued kindness.

  9. Happy birthday to Canvas! Even though I’m two weeks late. Sorry. I’ve been (and probably will be again, I don’t know anymore) a hiding, hibernating ghost. I’m still proud to be a part of Canvas!

    • And we are so incredibly proud to have you, Angel, hibernating ghost or otherwise! As for belated wishes, I think the whole month of August should be a celebration! 😉

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