For Your Weekend Enjoyment ~ A Brief Note From Ruby

RubyTo Our Dear Readers,

I know we have been a little shy on posts lately, for lots of reasons.  I can only speak to my own issues.  I have been fighting a depression — denying, refusing, admitting, and finally reaching out.  It has left me very short on words, even so far as being able to respond to comments and emails.  I thank all of you so very much for your patience.  Please know that I am so grateful for your words of support, and I will respond to all of the wonderful, kind things you have said to me here, on my personal blog, and also on my newest child, a somewhat under the radar “mental health past and present blog” (explanation on the last forthcoming in another post).

In the meantime, I wanted to ask you to check out our facebook page (for those of you on facebook).  You will find the rest of our social media links at the end of this post, but the facebook page I really would like to share with you, because I have done a pretty decent job of keeping it (in my opinion) engaging and up-to-date.  Lately, especially, with words failing, I have found images resonate so well with people, and am grateful to friends (and strangers!) who have shared those pictures and words they find meaningful with us.  I try very hard to source things correctly, so the right people get the right credit for what they’ve done.  And I’ve even begun to find it extremely therapeutic to create some pieces of my own. . .  Who’d have thunk it?

a Hello Sailor/Ruby Tuesday/e. e. cummings collboration

a Hello Sailor/Ruby Tuesday/e. e. cummings collaboration

And, at the end of every day, I try to send out in our feed something that I have found funny.  I hold firmly to the belief that the best way to end your day is with a smile on your face, a laugh on your lips, and gratitude in your heart.

I want also to thank everyone who has taken Blog For Mental Health 2013 so much to their hearts and run with it!  It’s never too late to pledge, so if you aren’t yet on our Blog For Mental Health 2013 Official Blogroll and would like to be, write a post and leave me a comment so I can share it with our readers.

And please do enjoy perusing all of our facebook albums this weekend and ongoing.  There will always be more to add.

Other Social Media

  • Our Twitter handle is @CanvasMinds (or click this link: CanvasMinds on Twitter — see how easy I am making it for you).  I try to share out Canvas authors’ personal posts from their blogs here.  Some days I am more successful than others, but then life is like that.
  • I am s-l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-w-l-y getting to know Pinterest, but if you’re the patient, understanding type (and of course all of our readers are), you will find us by clicking this link: A Canvas Of The Minds on Pinterest (
  • And I have finally toed my way, just a little bit, into Google+.  You will find me/us as Ruby Canvas-Minds (haven’t figured out the link for that yet).  I would love to know you there, I’d feel much less at sea with some familiar faces!

And, just so you know, though I have used the word “I” extensively above, all of these endeavors are collaborative efforts that come from all of Team Canvas, as well as our Canvas Family of readers, fellow bloggers, friends, and kind strangers.  The “I” is just a convenient pronoun for purposes of page maintenance.

Thank you again for sticking by us through the thick and the thin.  I’m sure soon enough we’ll once again be hitting you with so many posts you won’t know what to do with them all!

Take care, my loves.


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7 thoughts on “For Your Weekend Enjoyment ~ A Brief Note From Ruby

  1. Reaching out, yes. Do that! Count me among those there for you when you need (and when you don’t).

  2. Great quote Ruby (and Hello Sailor) + good to hear from you 🙂
    Is a long weekend here, so finding some time to catch my breath and also get up to speed with my WP Reader!
    Been battling a lot of things lately myself, but fortunately not many have been mental health related – mostly physical health, work and family stuff. They are all potential depression and anxiety triggers, but glad none have been effective in that regard yet.
    Hope to write a post in the next 2 weeks … as I have been meaning to for the past 2 weeks 😉

  3. Already got the facebook page liked. Take the time you need, Ruby, you and everyone else who posts so magnificently on here. We all deal with our depression in different ways, so do what works for you.

    With love, and with prayer too,
    Faith xx

  4. Hi Ruby, sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. You amaze me, how much you manage to accomplish even while slugging it out with a depressive episode! Me, I just get paralyzed and can’t think, therefore, ah, yes, nothing. I really appreciate all you do to keep spreading the good of Canvas! I just got back to the States from a three week respite in Israel yesterday and have a simply wonderful headache (caffeine deficiency jet lag?), but I have a very exciting post for Canvas that I hope to write up in the next day or so, once I have cleared the fuzz from my brain a bit. Sending love and virtual hugs, and you know that if you ever feel like having coffee I’m just on the other end of the Skype-ness!

  5. Ruby I am sorry you are having a tough go of it. I know how horrible depression is and how difficult it can be to be motivated to keep up with anything. I tend to isolate and avoid as much as possible. I am considering doing the Blog for Mental Health. I will have to read the blog about it and see what it entails.

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