Save The Date!

RubyMarch 28th, that is!  That’s the big day, the day of the 2012 WEGO Health Activist Awards Ceremony, a virtual event that is taking place on facebook to announce the winners of the 2012 WEGO Health Activist Awards.  In case you missed it, Canvas is a finalist in the category of Best Ensemble Cast, and we’re all so excited!  WEGO Health released a schedule of events just a few days ago:

wego updated

As you can see, our category is third in line for presentation, which should help my nerves a little!

There are going to be “different ways for everyone to get involved over the course of the month,” according to the event page, and from what I’ve read from those who “attended” last year’s ceremony, it’s tons of fun.  So on behalf of Canvas, I am inviting all of you to come out, have a good time, and show your support!  You can click right here to RSVP and keep informed of all the latest news leading up to the ceremony.

For all of you who aren’t on facebook, I’m considering doing some “live blogging” to let you know what’s going on.  I can also update through our Twitter feed, which will show both on our facebook page and in the sidebar here.  I’m undecided as of yet, so I need your help.  Chime in below in the comments to let me know if you’ll be attending on facebook, if you would like to keep informed via updates on our facebook page, if you like the idea of live blogging, live tweeting, or if you have some wonderfully novel way of helping me to keep all of our fantastic readers involved!

Whatever else happens, I will definitely post on the 29th to let you know how things turned out.  Cross your fingers. . .

In case you can’t read it in the picture above, the event will take place from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, EDT — which is GMT -4 hours (at the moment, as we’ve just gone into Daylight Saving Time — if you need help with time zones, let me know).  So those of you in Montreal, take off from work early, and those of you in San Francisco, have a late lunch.  If you’re in Australia, most of Europe, or a host of other places, you’ll have to set your alarm clocks for the middle of the night, on the 29th, yet.

Or you could just wait for my post recapping things, I guess.  😉

In the meantime, scurry on over and RSVP, and while you’re at it, like our facebook page to stay fully up-to-date with all the happenings!  And don’t forget to weigh in below in the comments on how you’d best like to be kept informed on the big day!

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14 thoughts on “Save The Date!

  1. Can’t wait! All of the candidates in our category are so awesome, I don’t know how they’re going to make up their WEGO minds! What great company to be in, eh? I think we should celebrate the whole thing in some way, like simultaneously setting off fireworks, or eating a cupcake….no matter who is selected!

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