The Compassionate Brain Webinar Series

MondayThere is a completely free webinar series on compassion and the brain/mind. This is something my pdoc recommended so I decided to check it out. It’s pretty interesting so far, and I’ve decided that I would like to blog the series for those who would like to know the information without sitting through an hour long webinar. Since I am a couple of weeks into the webinar series, I will have to play catchup, but after that it will be a weekly publish.

All episodes can be can be watched real time on Monday evenings at 7pm Eastern, or reviewed streaming on The Compassionate Brain website after Wednesday. All previous episodes are archived in case you’ve missed any. The only requirement to watch these episodes is that you register and it’s free and painless to register.

Over the next several weeks, I will be bringing you a summary of each episode on a weekly basis. I hope you enjoy it!


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