The Story Of DeeDee And Ruby

RubyLast October, I had the honor and joy of meeting my amazing Canvas co-founder, Lulu, live and in person.  Well at the beginning of this month, the lovely Canvas author DeeDee Chickadee alighted into my geographical area, and we got to spend a very wonderful day together.  Click the links to read all about the blue tongues, the flaming cheese, me on a rock climbing wall in four-inch heels, and the friendship between us.

Of Blue Tongues And Awesome Sauce

One Fine Day in Denver

And if you haven’t read about sweet Lulu and I, check out the posts Ruby And Lulu – At Long Last We Meet! and Garnets and Rubies.  Both pairs of posts give great accounts of an encounter between two friends as they meet each other for the first time, told from two different and very interesting perspectives.  It’s a pretty neat little collection.  🙂

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6 thoughts on “The Story Of DeeDee And Ruby

  1. I read yours Ruby but will check out Lulu’s – I’m quite jealous that you got to meet each other! But I’m also so glad you both had a wonderful time. Well deserved for both of you 🙂

    • Check out DeeDee’s, too, as that was the more recent one. 😉

      There are so many bloggers I would love to one day meet, and you’re absolutely on that list. Just wait until I one day come into an inheritance from some random great aunt I never knew I had. . .

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