More Accolades Abound

RubyYes, once again some very, very lovely bloggers have kindly honored Canvas with awards.

Ken, of the wonderful blog kenthinksaloud, thought fit to give us the. . .

(this never gets old), in his post Awards and Blogs you should read.  Ken is a great friend of mine, and knowing that he doesn’t do the award thing often makes it all the more special.  So a great big thank you from all of us at Canvas, and from me personally, for being so kind as to speak to your readers about us in this one.  It really does make for a true honor.

Next, we have a first time award for Canvas, graciously given to us by a beautiful soul, lovely woman, incredible friend, and oh, yes, our co-founder, Lulu.  Lulu has awarded to us. . .

. . . the I Love Your Blog Award.  You can read all the specifics in her post Showing Mad Love on her new project, Sunny With a Chance Of Armageddon.  Had you not heard she has a new blogging home?  Well now you have!  Go visit it to show her how much you love her blog!

This award is very sweet, and made all the sweeter by the woman who gave it to us.  Lulu puts her heart into absolutely everything she does, from her writing, to her friendships, to the love she shows this blog.  Lulu, we love you dearly for all that you do.

Addendum:  I missed one!

Our wonderful Family member PAZ, of Melancholically Manic Mouse, gave us the One Lovely Blog Award in her post I’ve Decided to Accept So I Can Nominate One Lovely Blog!  PAZ is someone I am so excited to have as a recent addition to Canvas, she’s fierce and funny and pretty damned lovely herself.  My most sincere apologies for the oversight, Ms. Mouse!

Don’t forget that these awards will find a permanent home on our aptly titled Awards page.  You can always find the love there.  😉

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