August 2012: Relationships And Mental Illness

RubyThis month’s topic was suggested by the very lovely Laura.  She thought discussing how people make good relationships work in spite of their mental illness would be a good topic.  In her words, “I know we have some very fortunate souls on our blogroll and on Canvas who do have relationships that work.  I would love to hear from them about what makes them work, and how they found their mates, etc.”

You know I usually like to get the ball rolling by discussing my own experience in this arena, no matter how atypical I feel it is.  But, for me personally, this is area of my life is verboten, not up for discussion.  We all have different feelings on which areas of our lives are too intimate to talk about, and for me, this is one of those areas.

But I do think it’s an excellent topic.  So I’ll add some prompts.  How did your significant other deal with the news when they first learned you had a mental illness?  Did they educate themselves?  Do they ever attend therapy, either on their own or with you?  In what ways do they show to you their support and understanding and commitment to make your relationship work in spite of your mental illness?  In what ways do you work to ensure that your illness does not damage or compromise the relationship, or hurt them?  What do you find most challenging about having a mental illness and trying to maintain your bond?  Is it anything different from what people who don’t have diagnoses find challenging?  Finally, if you could find a way to sum it up, what do you think is the key to making a lasting relationship when you have the additional challenge of carrying a mental illness diagnosis/diagnoses?

Well, are those enough to get you started?!  And don’t feel you have to stick with them strictly, please answer with whatever you feel is right for you.

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Happy posting, we look forward to your words!

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