Support Is The Name Of The Game

RubySo.  If you have been around Canvas-land these past few days, you undoubtedly know that we have become involved – nay, embroiled – in something very much out of the ordinary for our blog.  Our big old Canvas Family hat (which has to be pretty unique to fit all of our different heads together) has been thrown into the ring to fight for a spot on the Blogroll of Eric, the alter ego of Le Clown over at A Clown On Fire.  Wait, wait. . .  Please don’t stop reading and walk away.

I know this may seem like a bit of fun and frivolity, not the kind of thing that should be taking up your time when you visit this site.  What’s a contest, you’re interested in the wonderful posts on mental health our authors pen.

Actually, I was even of the opinion that it was a bit of an annoyance to you to be “interrupting” your normal Canvas feed with requests and updates about this contest.  That is, I was until I sat down to write this.

First, let me explain the value of being involved with this.  My first motive in even undertaking it was simply to gain exposure for our project.  A Clown On Fire has a huge reader base; really pretty staggering compared with most blogs maintained by anyone outside of the NFL or Hollywood.  Yes, I am exaggerating slightly, but seriously, it’s big.  And not only its author, Eric/Le Clown, but everyone I have been fortunate enough to meet through the blog is wonderful.  Just truly kind and good and so supportive (ah-ha!), both those individuals I know less personally and those whom I have gotten to know well, and am lucky enough to call my friends.

So, while I usually reject anything contest-y or competitive outright (it’s really counter to my nature), I thought that it would be wonderfully worth it to give this one a try.  Being on this blogroll, and even just participating in the process, would land a lot of new eyes on us.  And it has.

This post, of course, is about more than that.  I’ve explained to you the game, now let us talk about support.  Because it is vital in life.  And while support is a precious component of any healthy, happy so-called normal life, if you have landed on or sought us out, it’s probably because you have personally the need for some extra support, or you are giving it lovingly to someone in your life who has that extra need.  Living with mental illness, in yourself or in a loved one, brings out the need for a whole different level of support.

I recently wrote a post on my own life-long journey of learning to accept support.  And I truly believe that process was a major factor in my healing.  Having a strong, supportive network in your life is a critical element in being able to fight mental illness and win.  Me, I always had it, it just took me more than 31 years to actually accept it totally for what it was.  But then I have not just a strong will, but a thick head!

When I started Canvas into this process of trying to win a blogroll spot, I had no idea of the support we would receive.  I have been humbled and, truth be told, floored, by the way family, friends, and complete strangers have shown their support.  I want to name names and show my appreciation in some way, because I tend to get a little overwrought and am not able to do it the way I should, the way these people deserve, in the moment.  And, while multiple members of the Canvas family have been involved in this process so far, I don’t believe I personally would still be intact without the love we have received from others.

There is no way I can include everyone, much as I would like to, but let me start with some of my newer friends.  Maggie, who writes the wonderful and very funny Someone Fat Happened, got me started right, and to her I am so grateful.  Mel over at scienerf, well wow is just all that I can say about what she’s done.  Not only did she come to my rescue early in the week on another matter, but since this contest began it’s like she’s been our own personal cheerleading section.  She has given us her Like (part of the first day of the contest – actually still ongoing), she has reblogged our pleas for help, she has written Mad Libs (part of yesterday’s game) to gain us points in the contest (so many that, by order of Eric and Le Clown, I owe her dinner – and I quite agree with his mandate), and urged others to do the same.

And speaking of philanthropic Mad Libs, Meizac, whom I confess up until now I have known only peripherally, gave us one yesterday, which delighted, surprised, and humbled me.  Canvas got a sneaky mention from boomiebol, too, which I didn’t see until late yesterday, but found very sweet.

There are so many more people, this is totally an Oscar moment.  Yesterday Canvas’ own lovely Lulu and delightful DeeDee went to the mat with the Mad Libs.  As did Angel, though she turned traitor and went out for herself!  I’m kidding about the traitor bit of course; her secondary blog, A Circus at the End of the World, is really worth checking out, and I understand why she “went rogue” in a drive to gain readership for it.

I’m not entirely through, yet, but before I lose my way completely, this is why I realized that this contest was not the frivolity I thought it was.  So much support, so many hands reaching out, so many marvelously kind people all showing us love.  Isn’t that pretty much what we all need in order to get and remain mentally healthy?

So.  After some internal debate, I’m not going to hyperlink you to everyone who has shown their love and support to me personally, and to Canvas.  There are just so many incredible people, and honest-to-God my fingers are sore from my madness of Mad Lib writing yesterday (and other things writing-related).  But if you read through the comments on the posts in the contest so far, Blogroll Contest (wherein this whole thing started), and Blogroll Contest – Madame Weebles’s Mad Libs Challenge (which is so worth a read, all of the comments, not just those from our contributors), names both familiar to readers here, and new and exciting, will tell for themselves who has shown to us their love and support.

Also, a very special thanks to Sara from Laments and Lullabies for just being a freaking awesome friend to me.

And a final (for now) thank you to all of our new visitors and subscribers.  We are so glad that you are here and have found something of value in Canvas.  Hopefully we will be of continued interest to you.

Whoops, wait.  I do have to thank the man behind this.  Eric (Le Clown), thank you, because whatever the outcome of this, you have brought great people together and shown the love and support that they can give each other, even when they’re fighting neck and neck for the win.

© Ruby Tuesday and A Canvas Of The Minds 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Ruby Tuesday and A Canvas Of The Minds with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


9 thoughts on “Support Is The Name Of The Game

  1. Ruby,
    This is a great post. And you understand what this game is all about. I use blogging to build community, and this contest is of course to encourage traffic towards my site, but also, to put the spotlight on other great bloggers, and give them more exposure, because my site’s traffic allows it. You have been playing with so much panache and sportswomanship! Thank you, Ruby.

    • Eric, I’m so glad you appreciated it, and that is has come off how it was meant to. By the end of the day yesterday, I was far too worn to rightly express to those involved how grateful and humbled I was by their support, or to properly show my support back. I wanted to convey all that I couldn’t last night, in a post that was not asking for participation or likes from those reading (which I will, of course, do later, but, y’know).

      I do very much appreciate what you are doing, and it warms my heart to see that you are now an open part of your blog in conjunction with Le Clown. It makes it (for me) a friendlier, more relatable place. Also, the dedication you have shown in maintaining this contest is incredible (but not surprising). Hopefully, when this whole thing is through and my fingers have rested, I can write a post about you and that element. Writing it now, I feel, would only seem like sucking up, which I know you know is not my point. And I thank you very much for your kind words.

  2. Yep, Ruby’s definitely got a good strategy going. 😉 If I still have time for mad libs, I’ll go on and give it a try.

    • Brigitte, thanks so much, and thank you for all that you did to help make the contest as fun and successful as it was. And I am very happy to meet you!

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