Another Um. . . Atypical Post

RubyI know you look to us for the best in mental health, but I hope you will support us these next few days as we write slightly divergent posts as needed.  We’re still working for a spot on the blogroll of A Clown On Fire, which really actually does matter.  His reader base is huge, and we could get some major exposure for this wonderful project.

Today’s challenge is to create a Mad Lib using the template Madame Weebles has laid out, and all of our authors can play, plus readers/fellow bloggers can play for Canvas, if you are so inclined. Continue reading


Disorder and Love: What We Do and Don’t Know

Lulu new“Just because somebody doesn’t love you the way you want them to, doesn’t mean they don’t love you with everything they got” –Author Unknown

Mental health disorders have a way of putting blinders on a person.  I have to say, there are a lot of things in this world that I miss.  Whether it’s because I’m wrapped up in my own head, or I have one of the different shades of the multiple pairs of glasses I don on, I know that my own perceptions are often distorted.  In short, I miss things.  Sometimes, I miss very important things. Continue reading

He ain’t heavy, he’s Bipolar

8064_496679147024768_811360542_nReflecting as I pen my thoughts, I am still uncertain as to whether I am comfortable with the word “burden” as I think it certainly does not describe our (my life partner and I) bipolar disorder/mental illness. Burden to me implies that there is one person doing all the work in a relationship with a weighty imbalance of disproportion. It also implies negativity, resentment and regret on one person’s behalf.

It never crossed my mind when my husband was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder a few years ago that he together with his newly found diagnosis was or could possibly be considered a “burden”. Continue reading