Coming out of the Bipolar closet

8064_496679147024768_811360542_nThis post is from my blog prior to Bold & Indie.  Speculation was rife as to what was happening to me.  Family tried to make sense of it and friends were too afraid to ask.  This is how I stepped out from the shadows and into the light.


Over the past three months I have been fighting a private battle that has been tumultuous, challenging, life threatening, hard, insightful and inspiring. Continue reading


July 2012: Accepting Diagnoses

RubyWe’ve had a lot of activity within the past 24 hours, but I thought it might be nice to get July’s topic up. . . well, in July.  So.

James was on the spot, and he thought something that deserved our attention was the idea of accepting a diagnosis/diagnoses.  I think he is on to something with the importance of discussing this.  He points out that accepting diagnoses is a process, and it doesn’t just happen overnight.  In his own words, it “takes time and adjustment.”  And as he wisely brings up, the newly diagnosed, and also families of the newly diagnosed, could really benefit from our experiences with this. Continue reading

The Gifts of Bipolar Disorder

8064_496679147024768_811360542_nAs a rule of thumb, a writer should never run out of words. Yet when it came to explaining what was going on throughout my journey into madness I could not find the words to express my inner turmoil.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type I disorder with psychotic manifestations (visual and auditory hallucinations). The diagnosis and the surrounding experiences were certainly life changing. Two years prior however I also had another life changing experience. I was diagnosed with an Epitheliod Trophoblastic Tumor, which falls under the general heading of Gynaecological Cancer. Continue reading