Handling Stress

RubyMonday thought Handling Stress would be a good Let’s Talk About. . . topic, and I quite agree with her.  We could all use a little help (often a lot of help) with this one.

What do you do when you feel stress creeping up on you?  There are the little things that make such a difference: for example I might do things like watching a favorite film, listening to music, having a hot bath or shower, or (my favorite), taking myself out to a particular restaurant and enjoying lunch with a book.

Greater stressors often require greater steps.  In my life right now, I have chosen to step away from my personal blog for a time.  I did this once before, and it did wonderful things for my stress levels.

Which brings me to a third way we handle stress.  What things do you find necessary in the day-to-day, things so routine you don’t think of them as reactionary to stress, but without which you would blow your stack?  I write, for one.  Writing for me is as necessary as breathing in order to continue in life.

So there’s your topic, go to it!  I will be disabling comments on this post, because while I think I had the right concept last month in cross-posting my topic, things got all muddled in the responses.  So you will find this text and room to comment by clicking on April 2012: Handling Stress.


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