Introversion and Mental Health

AngelThis is a topic that somewhat relates to October 2011’s discussion topic about mental health versus personality. I hope too much of this won’t overlap with what’s already been said. But hey, that topic happened before I became a part of Canvas, so I didn’t get to say my piece then. This topic has been revolving in my mind for weeks, but my thoughts never seem to crystallize into anything solid. Let’s see where I go here.

In the thread for the above topic, there’s a link to a Myers-Brigg type indicator. I took it, and my results don’t surprise me. Continue reading


Be Your Own Advocate

RubyAlwaysA Note From Ruby:  This post was written by Always and originally published 22 September 2011.  She has given me leave to post it again, now that our family (authors and readers both) has grown in size.  I think it’s a wonderful piece that absolutely everyone can learn from.

The title of this post doesn’t refer to joining groups whose purpose is to reduce the stigma of a mental health diagnosis, although that’s certainly a wonderful thing to do. Continue reading

Handling Stress

RubyMonday thought Handling Stress would be a good Let’s Talk About. . . topic, and I quite agree with her.  We could all use a little help (often a lot of help) with this one.

What do you do when you feel stress creeping up on you?  There are the little things that make such a difference: for example I might do things like watching a favorite film, listening to music, having a hot bath or shower, or (my favorite), taking myself out to a particular restaurant and enjoying lunch with a book. Continue reading