The Vagaries of Indecisiveness

AngelAs with most choices I am presented with, I remain indecisive about joining Canvas.

According to the DSM, one of the symptoms of depression is “diminished ability to think or concentrate, or indecisiveness, nearly every day (either by subjective account or as observed by others).”

When does indecisiveness become too much to handle, so pervasive that it would fit the DSM‘s criterion as a symptom of depression? Continue reading

I Come Bearing Gifts!

I Come Bearing Gifts!

Lulu newI know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve made an appearance here.  Please accept my profound apologies.

And, this little gift that I made for everyone: Continue reading

Where Do I Begin?

DeeDee newWhere do I begin? It’s a question you can take many ways. Where do I start this new venture? Where were my beginnings? Where does my condition end, and I begin? All good questions for my debut post.

Where do I start with this new venture?

Blogging for A Canvas of the Minds is a new venture for me, one of many, but there’s always something new in my life. Continue reading

Labels Are For Jelly Jars

RubyThat’s the expression I came up with when I was trying to assimilate and collate and accept and put together and place all of the stickers which had been slapped onto me.  I don’t mean to dismiss diagnoses outright, they help point you towards what you need, but they are a double-edged sword.

One of the pages that I wrote some time after I had gotten all comfortable and cozy with my jelly jar tags sort of sums up my feelings on that duality nicely: Continue reading