Very Inspiring Blogger Award

MondayI nominated Canvas for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  This may sound a little odd because it’s a group blog with many different writers, each of whom contributes something unique and individual to the group.  But that’s exactly why I nominated Canvas: the individuality, creativity, and support found through this blog is inspiring.

I won’t put down seven random facts about me, but I will extend the nomination to each blogger and commenter in this community. Continue reading


High Functioning Mentally Ill

DeeDee new“High Functioning” is a term usually reserved for describing autistic people or others with developmental disorders who operate a bit better than expected, which unfortunately isn’t saying much. It’s also occasionally applied to mental illness and other learning disorders. As applies to ADD, which is technically a developmental disorder, I like the following quote that I turned up (I edited bad use of commas because it burns, it burns!) Continue reading