Stop Looking At My Brain!

RubyA long, long time ago. . . (okay, two months, but right now time is relative), I wrote a post about diving into the world of looking for a new psychiatrist (It’s Time To Say Goodbye).  I sort of had it in my head that I could write posts about my search here on Canvas.  This would be the first, because my moods went off the map and I subsequently slipped off of the radar temporarily.

I’ve had two appointments with one doctor, and one with another.  I also have a consult scheduled in January with a third.  But before I get much further into to how things are going, I should probably just get my views out here.  They’re pretty crucial to understanding my experiences and this post. Continue reading


The flaw in the brilliant diamond

photo (6)Once upon a time I had a teetering, yet outwardly normal, life.  My then-fiance decided to buy me a diamond, even though I insisted I did not want one because of the terrible karma diamonds carry, generally being the products of slavery.  He insisted.  And he demanded that I pick the stone myself.

So I launched into a whole epoch of diamond-related research.  I learned about color, clarity, cut, and inclusions, commonly known as “flaws.” Continue reading