Should I Be Concerned?

Lulu newI know I made a big joke of it on Pendulum, but I am kind of conerned about what I saw on my IRL Facebook last night.  I’ll have you have a look.  Yes, it is pretty funny because it all occurred on a public Facebook page.  Pass it on if you like.  That’s why I put it up there in the first place.

But it is also pretty disturbing.  This child, 16 years old, is responsible for my kid for three hours a day.  And I see that?  I know that she’s been in trouble before for various things.  She was a little demon seed about two years ago and gave her mother all kinds of trouble.  But she’s been following the rules of her probation and has been pretty much on the straight and narrow.  I thought I’d give her a chance to make some money and give her a little independence.


Has anyone ever run into a problem with teenagers that you’re not sure how to handle?  Or even with a disturbing rumor about a co-worker or employee?

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One thought on “Should I Be Concerned?

  1. I don’t know how much help I can be because I have a long list of people that I don’t know how to handle, ranging from family to co-workers. I think of teenagers like this: their minds are in a state of development that for some reason mimics bipolar. Teenagers can get depressed. They don’t get manic (unless they really are bipolar) but they do the same stupid things many of us do when we get manic: sex, drugs, money splurges, etc. So maybe one way of looking at it is how would you handle you when you’re manic? (Or recently have been manic and are now hitting stability and sense again.)

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