Be Your Own Advocate

AlwaysThe title of this post doesn’t refer to joining groups whose purpose is to reduce the stigma of a mental health diagnosis, although that’s certainly a wonderful thing to do.  I’m also not referring to shouting about your mental health diagnoses from the rooftops, although God knows I all but will (I think if I literally did it, they would lock me up and I would further ingrain the stereotypes associated with manic-depression).  I’m talking about educating yourself, really learning about all things related to whatever your particular malady happens to be, psychiatric or even physical. Continue reading


Should I Be Concerned?

Lulu newI know I made a big joke of it on Pendulum, but I am kind of conerned about what I saw on my IRL Facebook last night.  I’ll have you have a look.  Yes, it is pretty funny because it all occurred on a public Facebook page.  Pass it on if you like.  That’s why I put it up there in the first place.

But it is also pretty disturbing.  This child, 16 years old, is responsible for my kid for three hours a day.  And I see that?  I know that she’s been in trouble before for various things.  She was a little demon seed about two years ago and gave her mother all kinds of trouble. Continue reading