Which One Do I Choose?

Lulu newI’ve been reading a lot posts recently about difficulty with medication. One fellow blogger wrote about a depressive episode following starting a new medication. Manic Monday just wrote today about her experience and difficulty with Geodon. I know that I recently had to have all of my meds increased and switched out. So, I was inspired to share something with you.

When I was first diagnosed, the doctor I was seeing at the time was thoughtful enough to let me go home and research my treatment options. Continue reading

Mission Impossible

Sarah Ellen newA mother recently asked for my help regarding my personal experiences living with bipolar disorder as well as some hopeful thoughts as though I am some sort of model for recovery.

You see, her daughter has recently been diagnosed with the illness and is having difficulty accepting treatment.  Such as blowing off her therapist, resisting medication (while attending appointments and still taking the meds, just met with much resentment).  Jordan, the daughter, I have never directly talked to as she is very hesitant to talk to me and has never met or talked to anyone with a mental illness. Continue reading