Who’s Feeling Homicidal? I Am, I Am!

AlwaysLast month, ManicMuses wrote about irritability and how she deals with it in her first post, Irritability – My Special Compass Point.  I have to say that I applaud her for having a plan in place for when this flag is thrown, and I am also incredibly envious, because I rarely visit irritability-land, I go straight from being calm to being filled with murderous rage.

Case in point.  My aunt is in town this week. Continue reading


Gratuitous Blog Promotion

RubySorry, all (especially our lovely subscribers), I don’t usually do this kind of post – and I’ll try not to do it again – but Canvas now has a Facebook page of its very own!  This is partially meant to let everyone know that, and partially a test post to see if I connected everything correctly.

In either case, if you’re on Facebook, you can click the “Like” box to the right of any of the Canvas pages, or click this link, A Canvas Of The Minds (I know, it looks the same, but it will take you to our Facebook page) while logged on to Facebook to find us!  Hooray! Continue reading