I Am Not Entirely Who I Appear To Be

AlwaysI am also not ready to tell you the gory details of my whole story, not directly nor explicitly, but something is pressing me to do this.  And I can leave it up to all of you to read or not read and judge or not judge and form your own opinions.

I haven’t lied to all of you.  I haven’t pretended to be someone I am not.  I have, however, refrained from directing everyone to a crucial piece of my past and my history. Continue reading

New For September

RubyWe are growing by leaps and bounds, just like any healthy child!  Here’s what you should check out this month:

The sticky that used to live here has been relocated to a drop-down menu, Paint The Canvas, under the main About page.

Under the About Our Bloggers main page, if you hover over a blogger’s name, you will see a Questions For (insert name here). Continue reading