Chicken, Eggs, And Alphabet Soup

RubyI actually began thinking about this yesterday, after reading something by our newest blogger, James Claims.  His post, Comorbid Migraines and Other Health Issues, as well as the comments it generated, started me writing in my head.  Then I read another post by our ManicMusesAbilify and Agoraphobia?, and since I couldn’t sleep for the thoughts doing a tumbling routine in my mind, I decided I should write it all out and share it with you (you’re welcome).

In James‘ post he mentioned migraines specifically.  In ManicMuses‘ she spoke more about anxiety disorders. Continue reading


At What Point Do We Stop Medicating

JamesThere is an awful lot of talk about medication in mental health. After all, when you have a mental illness, one wants to get back to a mentally healthy state. I’ll skip over the philosophical questions about what really is healthy and what is ill. Rather, I’m interested in the question of at what point do we stop medicating our illness?

The question was raised to me by my girlfriend. She pointed out that I tend to rely on my medication to control my moods. Feeling anxious, take a klonopin. Nearing panic, take xanax. Depressed? Cigarettes and coffee. Manic? Extra antipsychotics. Continue reading

Vincent and the Doctor

MondayThere is a fantastic episode of Doctor Who titled: Vincent and the Doctor.  The basic premise is that the current incarnation of The Doctor and his companion, Amy Pond, travel to Provence in 1890 in order to hunt down a monster haunting the Church at Auvers.

As you may know, Vincent van Gogh was known for his “artistic temperament” of extreme highs and extreme lows suggesting that he suffered from bipolar disorder.  If you watch the episode, you may see van Gogh in a familiar light.  At least I do. Continue reading

Be Your Own Advocate

AlwaysThe title of this post doesn’t refer to joining groups whose purpose is to reduce the stigma of a mental health diagnosis, although that’s certainly a wonderful thing to do.  I’m also not referring to shouting about your mental health diagnoses from the rooftops, although God knows I all but will (I think if I literally did it, they would lock me up and I would further ingrain the stereotypes associated with manic-depression).  I’m talking about educating yourself, really learning about all things related to whatever your particular malady happens to be, psychiatric or even physical. Continue reading

Should I Be Concerned?

Lulu newI know I made a big joke of it on Pendulum, but I am kind of conerned about what I saw on my IRL Facebook last night.  I’ll have you have a look.  Yes, it is pretty funny because it all occurred on a public Facebook page.  Pass it on if you like.  That’s why I put it up there in the first place.

But it is also pretty disturbing.  This child, 16 years old, is responsible for my kid for three hours a day.  And I see that?  I know that she’s been in trouble before for various things.  She was a little demon seed about two years ago and gave her mother all kinds of trouble. Continue reading

It’s Time To Say Goodbye

RubyTomorrow, two p.m., I have an appointment with my psychiatrist.  It will be my last.

Those of you who have kept up with my personal blog know that we have had other last appointments before.  But this one will be IT, because I have decided I cannot ever trust him again (he manipulated me into ECT and my own personal Hell ensued), and he has decided he wants to take on a less complicated caseload.  Simple, even ‘less complicated’ doesn’t apply to me in any aspect of my life. Continue reading

Which One Do I Choose?

Lulu newI’ve been reading a lot posts recently about difficulty with medication. One fellow blogger wrote about a depressive episode following starting a new medication. Manic Monday just wrote today about her experience and difficulty with Geodon. I know that I recently had to have all of my meds increased and switched out. So, I was inspired to share something with you.

When I was first diagnosed, the doctor I was seeing at the time was thoughtful enough to let me go home and research my treatment options. Continue reading

Mission Impossible

Sarah Ellen newA mother recently asked for my help regarding my personal experiences living with bipolar disorder as well as some hopeful thoughts as though I am some sort of model for recovery.

You see, her daughter has recently been diagnosed with the illness and is having difficulty accepting treatment.  Such as blowing off her therapist, resisting medication (while attending appointments and still taking the meds, just met with much resentment).  Jordan, the daughter, I have never directly talked to as she is very hesitant to talk to me and has never met or talked to anyone with a mental illness. Continue reading