When you find your voice, backtrack and make note of where and when you lost it

NovaleeIt might also be good to do an Amber Alert or a televised fundraiser when you find that you’ve lost not your physical ability to speak, just your will to make the process work. The air still seems to reliably comes out of the lungs, through the trachea and into the trusty larynx. Unless you really DO get stricken with laryngitis at that very moment, your vocal folds will vibrate, holding the air hostage (don’t worry, negotiations are always quick) and then releasing it into the pharynx. Each little breath is like the seedling of a sound wave. Finally, this air, that has been traveling all the way from your lungs, and was even briefly kidnapped along the way, shakes off its PTSD from the arduous journey and it leaves your mouth as the sound of your beautiful, musical voice (unless you’re from Queens, no offense). Continue reading