Welcome To Our World!

RubyHello all!  My name is Ruby Tuesday (some of you might recognize me from  my  personal blog, I Was Just Thinking. . .).  But full and complete credit for the spark that started this project belongs to my lovely blogger friend, Lulu, or , the author of the wonderful blog,  As the Pendulum Swings.  She proposed we get a whole community together, and find a place where we could all blog (me, I just got the technical part rolling).  She’s a smart one!  🙂

As for me, I intend to keep my own blog up and going, and contribute sparingly here (I tend to write long posts, every day, and I don’t want to steamroll anyone).  Lulu and I (mostly Lulu) figured if there was some way to get a bunch of great minds together, blogging, we could get a bunch of great readers – like you – together as well, and hopefully you’d find other bloggers whose writing you enjoy reading!

Let us know what your mind thinks! Apart from the fact that I use too many exclamation marks, I’m aware. 😉 No idea why I can make a winky smiley but not a regular smiley.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome To Our World!

  1. I think this is a great idea! Its nice to know that ones want to form a community. There’s strength in numbers! I would love to know what the future holds for this new project. Please keep me posted!

  2. Thank you for bringing me in on this one, reluctant though I was. It feels really good be using my voice again!

    • You’re welcome. You’ve done a great deal for me throughout our lives (and I know it isn’t about keeping score), I thought I could do something for you by bringing out the voice I love so much that you had stopped sharing with the world at large.

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